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Opioid Treatment Suboxone & Support Program

At the Enterhealth Outpatient Center of Excellence, our opioid treatment program for qualified patients offers a comfortable and safe detox from opioids, induction of Suboxone to reduce cravings, and an attentive outpatient therapy program to help you achieve a sustained recovery.

Suboxone is a proven drug used for stabilization while the patient also participates in intensive, ongoing therapy to work though substance and co-occurring disorder issues. The combination of Suboxone and concurrent therapy to address addiction and co-existing disorder issues gives patients a better chance to achieve a lasting recovery. At the right time, Enterhealth will oversee the safe tapering off of Suboxone to allow the patient to live a substance-free life. Enterhealth has effectively helped hundreds of opioid abusers with this program for almost 10 years, achieving outstanding results.

Call 1-800-388-4601 now. The intake specialist will ask questions to determine if the patient is eligible for outpatient rehab or if you should consider a more intensive residential treatment. Most outpatient appointments can be scheduled within 24 hours of the patient’s initial call, or three business days at the latest. We’re here every day at any time to take your call.

Opioids: painkiller drugs and heroin

Opioids or opiates are prescription pain relievers like OxyContin, oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, morphine plus methadone and heroin. Oftentimes, patients become addicted from overuse while taken to curb pain from surgery or injuries. Unfortunately, prescription opioid abuse can easily be abused because the longer they are taken, the greater dosage is needed to relieve the pain. Oftentimes, abusers no longer need the opioid for pain, everything just feels better because opioids relieve anxiety and depression, something most patients are not aware of. The good news is, you can rid yourself of dependency on opioids and if there is an underlying problem with anxiety or depression, which can be addressed as well. Do not delay in asking for help.

Comfortable, safe detox and effective treatment with Suboxone

  • Most Outpatient rehab appointments can be scheduled within 24 hours of the patient’s initial call, or three business days at the latest.
  • Our detox process includes the introduction of Suboxone to curb cravings and other medications to keep patients safe and comfortable during the withdrawal time period.
  • Patient detox and Suboxone induction is medically supervised by a board-certified, licensed addiction psychiatrist who is certified to prescribe and administer Suboxone.
  • We provide medication management, being aware of and monitoring the patient’s interactions with other medications.
    Our Suboxone treatment program is designed to help with addiction and, at the same time, also treat any co-occurring psychiatric disorders including anxiety, ADD, PTSD, depression as well as insomnia.
  • With consent, we work closely with a patient’s referring physician and family to keep them informed and involved during the entire process.

About Suboxone

An effective medication to treat opiate addiction is called Suboxone, which very quickly reduces cravings and prevents other opiates from working. In fact, when used within a comprehensive addiction treatment program, Suboxone does not produce an opiate high, but it makes the patient feel quite “normal” for the first time in many years. This internal emotional stability allows the patient to focus on recovery rather than relapse. Read more about Suboxone.

Call 1-800-388-4601 now to talk with our intake specialist. We’re here every day, every hour to take your call.