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Payment options for drug & alcohol treatment services

Treatment services at Enterhealth are highly customized based upon the unique needs of each patient.  We work with several different insurance companies and out-of-network providers.  While Enterhealth has no control over the outcome of insurance reviews, our highly trained staff will work hard to obtain the maximum benefits allowed by a patient’s carrier.

Our main concern is providing excellent treatment and helping people find a more fulfilling life in recovery. When insurance coverage does not apply, our admissions team will review costs and payment options, working with patients to make arrangements that fit their financial situation.

Many families believe they cannot afford good, quality treatment, let alone one of the best programs in the country like Enterhealth Ranch. However, that is simply not the case. Our goal is to provide you or a loved one with the best residential treatment possible and costs are covered by many out-of-network insurance plans.

Understanding all the options for your family and choosing a program that will actually work for your loved one can be a daunting task. Fortunately, the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program at Enterhealth Ranch has been created by a team of distinguished medical professionals with decades of experience in treating patients with addiction and behavioral health disorders, and our program has proven to be much more effective than traditional treatment programs.

Financing Options

When insurance coverage does not apply, our intake/financial specialists will review costs and payment options, working with patients and their families to make arrangements that fit their financial situation.

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SmartHealth PayCard is an easy way to pay for healthcare expenses and daily medical needs. Based on credit worthiness, you can get approved in minutes and use your virtual card immediately to cover your expenses. Use application code ENTR0001 when you apply. Learn More

Please call us today to talk to one of our admission specialists about your particular situation and payment options. We can help you determine the percentage of the treatment costs, if any, that are covered by your insurance plan, as well as all of your other options.